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The Big Move 13/7/2011

What a day.

The tank had been filled and maturating for almost 4 days and we decided to move everything from the old 4 x 2.5 x 2.5 foot office aquarium to our new tank.

Armed with Buckets, Garbage bags and some reachin’ tongs Pete set forth.

4 hours later…

More fish in another bucket

The last picture is the “mature” Carib sea rock from the old tank. Look at the life on it and covered in Coraline Algae.

The Middle Picture shows some Tangs (Big blue was playing dead and Robbie was freakin’ out), 2 of my 3 purple tanks just kept swimmin’

So the first job was to place all the coral from the old tank, empty some water out of the tank as the levels kept rising and flooding the sump (see under)

Then position more coral where they won’t sting or eat each other. Take another look from the top , from the side. Set Linky (the blue starfish) free. The finally hey presto….

After carefully adding tank water into the fish buckets over a quite longer period it was time for our tangs to go free range!!!

Pete is excellent at doing this (you can’t buy experience).

Did I mention yet we decided to go to Nielsen’s Marine Mates to get some more?  The first picture below is our new Racing Sohal Tang (thanks Ben)

What a day, time for all good fish to go to bed!!!.

July 23, 2011 - 11:00 AM
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